Why I hate Apple products and the company


The company is a Bully, they sue others for having a rectangular tablet, only Apple can have a tablet that looks like that.

False advertising: Recently 2.2 mil fine in Australia

Soviet Union like secrecy and denial

They refuse to admit there is anything wrong with any product. They are very slow to provide security updates, sometimes months after the fixes have been available. When there is a malware attack, they refuse to acknowledge it exists and in fact, tell their Apple Care support reps to NOT help paying customers.

When the iPhone 4 had problems because the antenna design was poor, Steve Jobs suggested you hold the phone differently. They value Form over Function, which is a very superficial approach.

Apple is Evil, sue others with similar ideas. They donít want anybody else to be able to tap on a phone number and dial it.

Others hate Apple too



Despicable Steve Jobs, very controlling asshole. Why reward people like that?

Other companies match employee charitable donations - not Apple. Very Greedy.

Almost enough features, but never quite all the ones you want. As an example: If BlackBerry OS7 has 1000 features, the iPhone has 300. Android probably has 900, but 300 of them donít work right. Not everybody needs 1000 features, but the problem is that you probably want 350. When they do add a few new features, they claim they invented them and now that their product has it, itís the greatest thing and everybody needs to buy the new device so they have the must-have features (that others have usually had for a year or more).

Lots of features requested that already available on BlackBerry and/or Android

They use much more data, making travel to different countries more expensive and possibly requiring more per-month cost.

Vendor Lock-in instead of ecosystem

Having a good selection of Apps and support from third-parties is important. BlackBerry offers multiple app markets and multiple ways to install apps, itís very flexible. Apple gives you one way and only one way that you will love because they say so! They suck you in with good looks and before you know it, you are buying expensive accessories and add-ons. You are buying lots of apps, making them rich.

Screw developers: A company or person can spend weeks or months developing an app for iOS and submit it to Apple for approval. They might approve it, they might not. They donít explain why they reject it and they wonít allow any program that replaces and works better than the built-in features that Apple provides.

They make the iOS products Simple to use for Simple Minded people. Steve Jobs thinks people are incapable of learning and using advanced features, so they donít provide them.

Donít provide removable Batteries.

Instead, when the battery wears out, you should send your device to Apple and pay them to install a new one. Much of their products are sealed - wouldnít want the average person to be able to save money and have repairs or upgrades done easily.

How Apple makes products difficult -- and expensive -- to repair Now they are using Glue and special screws and soldering things to the logic board so that they can't easily be repaired or replaced.

Accessories are often very overpriced and special Apple connectors and cables. Wouldnít want you to be able to share USB cables or have a standard battery charger that can be used across vendors.

New Computer, iTunes deletes all apps on phone

Apple thinks everybody is a thief. One time I setup a new computer and didnít move the iTunes library to the exact correct place. When we tried to sync iTunes, it started DELETING apps off of the persons iPhone because they werenít on the computer in the right location. Itunes has done this for years with iPods too. It will delete all of your music right off your iPod if you try to sync with another computer.


No USB Drive access to data: People that have finished first grade know how or can learn how to drag files from one device to another. iOS doesnít allow that, you must use iTunes to transfer files. Apple doesnít want you to access your own files easily like Android and BlackBerry do.

In the past, when they were small, they said Think Different. Now that they dominate the Tablet and phone markets, they want everybody to think the same and only buy from them.

Overcharge, now others have to pay extra. Because they charge so much for iPhones so they can make an insane profit, the carriers now charge and extra $30.00 to upgrade to a new phone. I have to pay extra money to make up for the money that Apple rips off from the phone carriers through onerous contracts. iPhones and Android phones suck data, so now the carriers are charging more because its in more demand. Blackberry data is compressed and very frugal.


Simple interface, always makes you go back to home - how lame and boring and stupid of an interface.

Taking us back to DOS days of limited communications between apps. iOS is very tightly controlled and it makes it just about impossible for apps to cooperate with each other. Itís back to the bad past.

Treats employees in China so bad, they want to kill themselves. Just to make even more money than the US Government, they canít make a little less profit and actually treat their workers well.

In the US, store employees are not paid well either.



I have lost so much money trying to figure out why you can't do a particular thing with an iOS device or why it doesn't work as it should.  If the feature exists, it's there, if not, you are blocked at every attempt to work around it.  It's very frustrating.


Controlled system, very closed and limited.



The one thing that Microsoft must never imitate is Appleís restrictive policy about software that it does or does not allow to run on its systems.