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How to delete and reload the data in the Calendar



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LogicMail for Blackberry

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iPhone 3.0: Notes Sync (Finally!)

Read Consumer Reports info about the iPhone 4

Evernote might work for syncing Notes

Synthesis released an application called

DO NOT use the date filtering in the program.  Try

Limit which events are sent by the server by adding ?/dr(-30,90) to the end of the  calendar database path. Otherwise it will not work


Setting up Mdaemon ActiveSync


SyncJe for iPhone (Contacts Only)



Misc BB things that are hard to find

Fixing Voice Mail to add password:

1. Go to the phone application (press green phone button)
2. Click the BB Key
3. Select Options
4. Select Voicemail
5. Enter the Access Number in the top line (your cell#)
6. Enter a PAUSE and then # and your code in the Additional Numbers field (or enter passcode# in password field)


How to change the Snooze time for calendar reminders directly from the popup

You can enable it so you can adjust your calendar snooze time on the fly. It'll work for tasks too. Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Open the Calendar App
Step 2: Hit the Menu Key, and Select Options
Step 3: Type in the letters acsz

That's it. From there you *should* get a popup saying "Now allowing user to change snooze from dialog" as shown in the photo below. If this doesn't work for you, try holding down the Alt key while typing acsz.

Courtesy of Crackberry


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